I am so scared of birth, I can’t enjoy being pregnant!

guest July 26, 2013

Preparation and perception can help release fears. 

Are scary things really scary?

I have a friend that does 100 mile bike rides.

That sounds so scary to me and not fun at all.  It sounds overwhelming and HARD.   She assured me with that with the proper preparation and perception it is fun.

Preparation – If I started training on a daily basis, after a few months of preparation  a 100 mile bike ride could be enjoyable.  It is just scary to think about from where I sit, not biking at all.

Proper perception of the bike ride experience would make a huge difference.  Instead of seeing it as an overwhelming challenge, I would need to believe I could accomplish it!  Doing it for a bigger purpose, instead of just enduring it because I had too, would help it be a better experience.  Having an outside motivation, like doing it in honor of a loved one or doing it with a friend whose positive attitude could help motivate me.

I am so scared of birth, I can’t enjoy being pregnant!

A mom had called me to talk about my Hypnobabies classes and sounding very worried said, “”I am so scared of the birth that I can’t really enjoy being pregnant.”  Her statement really jumped out at me.  I could understand how having a lot of anxiety about getting the baby out could make carrying her baby a lot less enjoyable.

Everything reminded her of her upcoming birth.  Which she saw as a scary, overwhelming obstacle she had to endure.

Hypnosis can help you let go of fears

I was happy to be able to tell this Mom that Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis class, could help her!  Quite a few of my Hypnobabies students chose to take my class to help them with their anxiety about birth.  They all found that hypnosis helped throughout pregnancy as well as during their birth.

Hypnosis is when you relax your body and your mind and access your subconscious beliefs and literally reprogram them.  This allows you to release fears.  To believe that birth can be a positive experience!  People have used hypnosis to help them get over fears of spiders, flying and dogs, so of course it can work for birth.

Not only can hypnosis help people release fears, but it can also help birth be more comfortable.  It seems that most fears about birth stem from the potential discomfort of birth.   Hypnosis has been used to help people with dental work and even things like open heart surgery, so you can see how it could easily help birth be more comfortable.

PreparationHypnobabies does require daily training, which is easy!  Listen to a CD with a hypnosis script and do 5 minutes of relaxation training every day, combine that with reading the materials and it is a fun way to prepare for your birth.  The great part is that practicing are provides other benefits during pregnancy as well.   The childbirth preparation is very complete, covering all the choices moms have before and during birth, to how birth works and so much more. 

Perception – Hypnosis actually can change the way we think about things.  So it can help you believe birth can be enjoyable and comfortable.  With this new belief Moms quickly find themselves looking forward to their upcoming births!  It also prepares Moms to be open to the path that their birth takes them.



This Mom did take my class and after the first 2 lessons her anxiety decreased dramatically.  By the end of class she was looking forward to birthing her baby.  I was so happy for her.

I just ran into her at the park. Her baby is 14 months old now.  She told me how glad she was that she had taken Hypnobabies, that it helped her enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and have a positive birth experience.  Her birth ended up being long and ended in a cesarean. But because of her preparation and her perceptions, it was still positive.  She felt empowered and calm throughout the whole experience.  I was so happy for her!

If you are worried about your upcoming birth, check out my free e-book.  The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth.  You can also see videos of moms birthing with Hypnobabies on my You Tube Chanel.

Enjoy your birth!


Written by: Sheridan Ripley – Proud VBAC mom, Lactivist, Hypnobabies Instructor, Positive Birth Story Collector, Doula and mom of 3 busy boys.

Author of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth and The Gift of Giving Life

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  2. I just came across this post. I’m pregnant with my first and curious about hypnosis for childbirth. However, I live in Vienna, Austria and there aren’t classes offered here. Do you know of a book/Cd/DVD set I might be able to use or do you think this method isn’t effective without a class? Thanks for your help!


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