Coconut Oil for Baby and Belly

faith April 12, 2013

By Debra, Contributing Writer

With April being DIY month here at Modern Alternative Pregnancy, I thought I would share a recipe for diaper rash cream. I was going to do my research, and develop a wonderful cream. I enjoy making body products, and have done my fair share if them.

Then I got to thinking about it. I would love and use that cream, but when it was gone I probably would not make it again. Why? I already have a diaper rash cream I love. I guess you could call it a DIY diaper cream, except the “do” part is insanely limited. It is more like “it yourself”.

What is it?

Extra Virgin Coconut oil.

That. Is. It. Pure straight coconut oil. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, smells good, feels good, and works. Both of my kids did have a yeast infection at some point, but other than those times I have used nothing else save EVCO and allowing their bottoms to air out.

The fact that it is safe for cloth diapers, and I always have it around for baking, are just two more bonuses.

5 More Uses of Coconut Oil for Baby and Belly

My love for coconut oil does not stop there. I have many things I use it for, but I decided to limit them to my favorite uses for pregnancy and babies. This is, after all, a pregnancy blog.


What does that have to do with pregnancy or babies?

Glad you asked.

I actually decided to switch to a natural deodorant after I had Christopher. I knew it would be better for my health, but the biggest factor was the fact that my baby’s nose was right there many times a day while nursing and snuggling. When I thought about my baby breathing right beside my chemical-filled deodorant, I could not use it anymore!

Coconut oil is just one of the ingredients in an effective homemade deodorant recipe. I originally made this one from Passionate Homemaking, and it does a good job, but I also want to try this one from Keeper of the Home at some point, as it is designed to stay solid.

Just make sure to use Extra Virgin for the antibacterial properties. My sisters learned that out!

Baby Bed Head/Bald Spot

You know how babies get that stiff/frizzy/kinky hair on the back of their head from sitting in the carseat, ect? Often times it even goes bald. I did not think much about it with my son, but my daughter was a different story. She was born with a LOT of hair and the frizzy part stood out a few inches every morning!

I used coconut oil to help get the tangles out, and discovered that it completely unfrizzed the hair and made it healthy and smooth again. I was so happy!

Calm Baby

When my daughter was about 9-11 months we had a really rough time with her. She was never calm and bed time was a terrible. Turns out she was intolerant to corn and eggs, but we did not know that at the time.

The best things we discovered to calm her down was to give her an oily message. We used a few drops of lavender oil and coconut oil to message her whole body, and it was very soothing for her.

That is mostly the lavender oil at work, but the coconut oil is a great carrier as it is also a lotion.


Yeast infections tend to happen more during pregnancy, so I figure it is good to go here.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial. Consuming it helps to kill bad bacteria in your gut, balancing out your gut flora and thus preventing yeast from being able to grow into a problem.

I am actually trying to take coconut oil regularly as part of trying to heal my gut, and get rid of Candida Yeast overgrowth. I will let you know how it goes :D.

Baby Lotion

All natural, and could not be easier! I have used it a lot on both of my kids, and have actually never used baby lotion on them. If you want it to be more lotion Little House on the Prairie Living gives instructions for that.

So, my 6 favorite uses of coconut oil for pregnancy and baby are:

  • healing diaper rashes ( cloth diaper safe!)
  • deodorant (with a few more ingredients)
  • baby bead head/damaged hair
  • calm down baby message (with lavender)
  • killing and preventing yeast
  • baby lotion

Have you ever used Extra Virgin Coconut oil on babies or during pregnancy? What is your favorite use for it?

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  1. […] great for moisturizing and massage. Coconut oil even boasts antimicrobial properties and can help heal diaper rash. If you’d like, add 3-5 drops pure lavender essential oil to 4 oz. of oil for a relaxing […]


  2. I had been using cocoa butter on my stretch marks but I’m in my final weeks and they’ve gotten painful and nasty. I switched to using coconut oil on them and it is just ah-mazing how the oil instantly takes away the itchiness (and it’s the kind of itchies you get when you have healing sores – so, not fun).

    I hate the fact that, since it’s oil though, it takes forever to soak in. I can only put in on at nite before bed since I wear ratty pj’s anyway or when I’m home and can walk around in just a bra and pants & leave my belly exposed. But I work full time. I’d love to be able to apply it in the morning or as needed during my work day but it’s just too oily for my good office clothes. Any suggestions?


    • This time around I have been using tallow on my stretch marks. I did it for a month straight and old ones actually went away by about 75%. The tallow absorbs into the skin more readily, just make sure you only use a tiny amount. Same goes with coconut oil a TINY bit goes a long way and then you should not have too much trouble with oiliness.


      • Good Morning 🙂
        I am wondering what kind of tallow you used … I’ve googled and came up with mutton and elk tallow. Want to buy for Christmas gift in combination with coconut oil. Is there one coconut oil brand better than another in your opinion – same question on brand for tallow. Thank you for your quick response and blessings on your day!


  3. I LOVE coconut oil for EVYERYTHING to! It’s the best deodorant just on it’s own, but my husband likes it for the base in a mix that I make for him. It’s great for lotion for the whole family. And it’s of course a phenomenal substitute for butter for those of us who try to stay away from dairy. Thanks so much for this post and re-energizing my love for coconut oil!


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