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faith February 11, 2013

We used to not celebrate Valentine’s day- not really caring for the extreme commercialism we saw in it. But after reading the true story of St. Valentine, the holiday become one I actually enjoyed instead of dreaded. In my mind it went from being a day where hot house roses, candies, and store bought cards must be given “or else” to a day set aside to celebrate marriage and families and a brave man who stood for them amongst persecution. 

I plan on celebrating it with my kids during the day and after my husband get’s home we will be taking advantage of free babysitting hosted by our awesome church.

This year we made a New Year resolution to not buy sugar or foods containing it. While we will eat treats offered at gatherings- we are only buying honey. Even if we would usually put treats for valentines under the 20% part of the 80/20 rule, this year we will not.

Chances are you did not make the same resolution, but, your family might be like mine in this- they love their sweets and feel special when you make them. My husband actually told me when we first got married that I would always make him feel special by baking treats for him. I am not as great about it as I should be, but you can bet we will be having treats this Valentines day. Whatever the case may be it is nice to be able to treat your family naturally. 

Chocolate Treats

Since chocolate is a typical Valentine’s treat I thought I would start with it.

Paleo Brownies–  I have been wanting to try brownies like this for a while. We are currently moving towards starting GAPS the end of February/beginning of March. So, we are not buying any non- GAPS foods right now, but I do have a little bit of cocoa powder left.

Whole Wheat Brownies– These are made with whole wheat and Sucanat and look really good and I would usually go that direction instead of the grain-free one.

Healthified Crock Pot Lava Cake– I have been drooling over this Lava Cake from Cheapskate Cook ever since I saw it. One of these days I really need to make it!

Chocolate Custard Ice Cream–  Imagine this ice cream with some brownies, maybe some glazed strawberries (instructions below), and whipped cream. That would be a treat to remember!

Ganache!– Have you ever made Ganache? If not, do so. Really. Truly. It is amazing! My favorite way to have it is after it cools I roll balls of it in cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. Yum. Use your favorite natural chocolate chips to make it much healthier.

Sour Cream Ganache– A tangy variation.

Chocolate Marshmallows (pictured)– These marshmallows are made with honeyThe base recipe is actually GAPS legal, so I plan on using them a lot. To see the chocolate variation, scroll down to the bottom.

Red (or Pink) Treats

Just with no dye. 

Cherry Limeade Marshmallows –  These natural marshmallows are really amazing, and are made pink from the cherry concentrate in them.

Heart Gummies– I doubt my husband would get too excited about these, but my kids would LOVE them. Christopher would probably say “Big job! Handsome!” which means “You did a good job! These look nice!”

Glazed Strawberries- Simply core and slice strawberries then sprinkle with a little natural sugar. The sugar turns into a syrup. This would be good over any cake, brownie, or pancakes for breakfast. You could also simply toss sliced strawberries in honey or maple syrup for the same purposes.

Cherry or Pomegranate Juice Concentrate-  Can be used in small amounts to naturally dye food pink.

Strawberry Cake– This whole wheat strawberry cake looks fantastic. To make it healthier you can replace the white sugar with Sucanat or rapadura.

Other Treats

Not exactly traditional treats- but they look good.

Almond “Pound Cake“- I love this pound cake. With some strawberries in honey and some whipped coconut cream, it would make a great GAPS valentine treat.

Honey Whole Wheat Lemon Bars– I have been craving these like crazy since I saw them!

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake– Carrot Cake is Mark’s and my favorite cake. We had it at our wedding so it has special memories for us.

Bacon Hearts– I know this would be something my husband would LOVE. Husband? Ok, I would LOVE it too.

Heart Shaped Pancakes-  I bet you could make these from just about any pancake batter.

What I plan Hope To Make

If I can pull it off we will have a quiet dinner at home sans kids. 

Olive Garden inspired salad (with honey instead of corn syrup)

Heart shaped Steak Tartar– if I am able to get a 100% grass fed steak before then (I don’t trust any other steak for tartar). Which I would serve with thin slices of raw cheeses and apple for scooping. It is both Mark’s and my all time favorite food.  If I can’t get a hold of a steak before then (it is hard to locally), I will probably serve a pasta to use the remaining we have around.

Paleo brownies with glazed strawberries and whipped coconut cream 

Do you have any special treats you plan to make for Valentine’s day?

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