7 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

faith December 10, 2012


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Pregnancy is an exciting time no matter how many kiddos you have.  You anticipate those little kicks, hearing a heartbeat and wait with anxious anticipation of the big arrival.

And then morning sickness starts and 9 months suddenly feels like it will be a lifetime.  Many women experience brief morning sickness during the first few months of their pregnancy but others battle through for the entire duration.

In the early months of my pregnancy I was nauseous morning till night.  Thankfully there was no vomiting involved but everything seemed to turn my stomach.  I clearly remember just wanting to stand up without feeling as though I’d toss my cookies. Oh wait, I couldn’t eat cookies, I couldn’t eat much of anything some days!

If you’re looking for some natural remedies to relieving your morning sickness you may want to consider these options


The smell of citrus can be relieving to nausea.  Inhaling the aroma of Sweet Orange essential oil can be a real life saver when you’re stomach is churning.

If quality essential oils aren’t in your arsenal or your budget save your orange peels and place them in a zip lock baggie.  You can carry the baggie with you and inhale the aroma whenever necessary.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is good for the digestive system . Not only can it help reduce nausea and vomiting it can als help with that fatigue that seems to accompany the early months of pregnancy as well.

Lavender Essential Oil

A hot compress with lavender oil placed on your tummy is another good way to relieve morning sickness.  To make a compress, add 6 drops of oil to a bowl of steaming hot water.  Take a dish towel, hand towel or wash cloth and place it in the bowl, ring out the excess water and place the towel or cloth over your abdomen and relax for a few minutes.

Nux Vomica

Also known as the Strychnine Tree, nux vomica is a good choice if you prefer homeopathic remedies.  If your nausea is worse after you eat or in the early morning hours consider a tincture of nux vomica.

Ipecacuanha (Ipecac)

There’s a seen in the John Wayne classic EL Dorado where the character Mississippi is mixing a hangover cure for the sheriff.  One ingredient he mentions is Ipecac.  A little research showed that the root of the flowering Carapichea ipecacuanha plant is good for relieving persistent nausea. The tincture can be purchased online or from you Natural Doctor.


This was my favorite choice when I was pregnant.  I carried crystallized ginger with me everywhere.  It was easy to carry and I could chew it like a piece of candy no matter where I was.  Ginger can also be taken as a ginger tea.


 Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in relieving sickness.  A trained acupunture technician should have experience working with pregnant women as acupuncture can also induce labor if applied in that manor.  Be sure the technician administering your session is qualified.

What about you veteran mamas? What’s your tried and true remedy for morning sickness?

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  1. Sparkling mineral water with chopped ginger in it is saving my life right now (7wks). Thanks for the other ideas!


  2. I have peppermint essential oil, does it need to be put in the air or is there a way to use it like the lavender?


  3. Bananas saved me first pregnancy. I ate so many! Second not much helped, but mineral water was soothing. I did read an interesting article from Mommypotamus about making sure your magnesium levels are high enough BEFORE pregnancy since pregnancy hormones inhibit magnesium absorption. Something to think about!


  4. I thought Ipecac was used to induce vomiting? I’ve had to have it before and it does not make you feel very well. When I was pregnant, ginger and mint and raspberry leaf tea were my allies.


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